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Elisa Maza

Elisa Maza, voiced by Salli Richardson, is a fictional character and the human protagonist of the Disney animated television series Gargoyles.[1][2]In the series, she is a NYPD detective who is the steadfast ally (and honorary member) of the titular gargoyles’ Manhattan Clan.[3]

can we talk about elisa maza for a second?  bc in 1994 one of the teams at disney was all ‘hey we’re going to do a cartoon where the main characters are keith david voicing basically hellboy and salli richardson voicing a hardnosed brown girl detective investigating supernatural bullshit together in nyc’ and the execs said ‘okay but you have to have some white ppl’ and they said ‘okay we’ll cast troi and riker as the villains and there will be robots’ and disney said ‘okay’ and then it was on the disney afternoon for three years.

//that happened//.

the gargoyles pilot was //bad ass// and the series played out as basically a mashup of tmnt and shakespeare and it was amazing and //the two main characters weren’t white// and the big-name white actors were all villains.  HOW.

and this was //in 1994//.

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