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7 Amazing Movie Special Effects You Won’t Believe Aren’t CGI |

It’s well-known that Jurassic Park was created through a combination of CGI and terrifying dinosaur-shaped robots, but there’s one important special effect they used in the film that is often neglected — namely, dudes in rubber suits.

Yep, the movie that convinced everyone that CGI was cool used good old-fashioned monster costumes, too. Steven Spielberg commissioned the legendary Stan Winston to create some practical effects for some parts of the film, because it’s one thing to tell your child actors to imagine they’re being chased through a kitchen and quite another to put a real Raptor face in front of them.

Winston’s team came up with a system that consisted of making the most realistic dinosaur puppets ever, then sticking a dude inside them.

Speaking of the famous kitchen scene, Stan Winston Studio supervisor John Rosengrant and concept designer Mark McCreery got the honor of donning actual Raptor costumes in that part of the movie — that’s Rosengrant in this shot:

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